Accelerating Change Through Shared Leadership
n What Are Your Major Change Initiatives?
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Teacher Leadership

n Stepping Up
n Student Centered Management
n New Roles For Teachers

Team Building

n Does your team need coherence? Trust? Improved channels for communication and working together?
Strategic Planning
n Expert facilitation of diverse groups
Leadership Transition
n Maintain momentum with the passing of the torch
Coach Support
n Your Coaches Need Coaching
Professional Developer's Corner
n See sample article divided into sections for "Chunked and Timed" group reading strategy
Asperger's Syndrome
n What is Asperger's Syndrome?
n How Parents Can Work With Educators
n A Success Story


Leadership TransitionLeadership Transition Services available (Leadership Transition contract may include one or more services)
-Transition survey - Each staff member completes an online, anonymous survey about the current strengths and issues of the site.  Facilitator returns with the calibrated results and facilitates the work of the Leadership Team to prepare a presentation of the data for the new principal and staff.
-Transition coaching - Individual coaching for the new principal to support his/her assessment of the site, and planning of initial action steps
-Principals in Transition - A district-level one day workshop for all principals moving to different sites, and/or newly hired principals.  Includes assessment tools, planning tools, and strategies for building trust quickly.  Participants finish the session by completing a plan for their first 100 days.

To discuss a contract for your district, contact us at or (909) 624-8899.

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