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A Success Story - Meet Toby

Toby is 26 years old, and is a living success story of an individual with Asperger's. Toby works as a grocery store courtesy clerk, drives his own car, and continues to develop independent living skills in his own condo. He is in regular contact with family members, who advise on shopping and cooking, assist with home maintenance and repairs, and support him with tasks such as tax returns.

Beginning school at the age of four in a county-run Special Day Class for preschoolers, Toby spent most of his schooling years in SDCs for students with learning disabilities. Thanks to his middle school teachers and the growth he made in their program, he was able to transition to Resource Specialist support in high school, and attend regular classes. His social development was greatly enhanced by this transition, as well as though his participation in athletics. He joined the cross country and track teams, and lettered in both sports.

Toby works out several times a week, sometimes with friends from high school who have now finished college. He enjoys running 5K and 10K races around southern California, and has run the Los Angeles Marathon three times. He loves the outdoors, going hiking the in the local mountains with his friends, and volunteers at a local botanic garden several times a month.

My best advice to parents of children with Asperger's is to be patient, and keep your expectations high. Be sure that your child has teachers who will push him to achieve, while at the same time providing all the support he needs. Please read my advice to parents in "One at a Time," published by the Association of California School Administrators in Leadership, May-June 2009.

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