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For Teachers: Sanity Savers, a manual in workbook format, for troubleshooting discipline problems, or re-designing some or all aspects of your classroom management system.

Sanity Saver

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Sanity Savers - Introduction by Terry Wilhelm

In my nine years as a classroom teacher, I tried everything to keep my classroom sane. I always had a quiet classroom, but I eventually realized that some of the strategies I used to keep the room quiet were not very student centered. Eventually I learned how to use more effective and positive techniques that built responsibility in students, at the same time preserving my relationship with them, making teaching more enjoyable.

When I became a Title I coordinator, I was often asked to assist new teachers with classroom management. Sometimes the teacher only needed help with techniques for specific aspects of management such as transitions. But too often I was not asked to help until the teacher was really in trouble, and overcoming the chaos was paramount. Building student responsibility could only happen after sanity was restored. Students cannot be given higher levels of responsibility if you can't get their attention.

As an elementary principal, I have found that many teacher training programs do not provide new teachers with the tools they need to establish a positive classroom management system with students right from Day One. Sharing the structures you will find in this book with my new teachers has helped establish a schoolwide climate that is positive and student centered. New teachers have been able to get off to a good start from their very first day with students, whether they start on the first day of school in September, or start a new class or take over an existing one after the school year has started.

In this book you will find the tools you need to tame chaos in your classroom, troubleshoot less severe yet persistent management problems, or get your class off to a positive start on your first day with students. Every lesson and management technique in this book has been successfully used with students in real classrooms, by real teachers. That is not to say that theory and research are not here - the Bibliography will provide some references that support the approaches in this book. But most teachers looking for answers to management problems need immediate practical help, which is why Sanity Savers is written for you in a workbook format. If you need to start from Square One, begin with Part I. If you simply need to troubleshoot, skim the contents and choose what you need.

I hope that this book will provide the help you are seeking. I wish you the best of success in establishing the most positive, sane classroom environment possible for yourself and your students!

Terry Wilhelm

Table of Contents

Section Page
Part I - Starting Over 1
What Brought You to Teaching? 2
Why is Management so Difficult? 4
There is No Silver Bullet 5
It's Not the Kids 5
The Case Study 6
You are Not Alone 7
Trouble Tripwires 7
Behaviors to Discard 11
Starting Over 13
Choose the Best Day 13
Prepare the Room 14
Choose a Signal 18
Starting Over Day 19
Respect: The Key to Starting Over 20
The Respect Activity 21
Mutual Respect Statement 23
Rules of Respect 24
The Lessons 25
Lesson 1: One at a Time 27
Following up to Lesson 1 31
Lesson 1 Follow up: Tickets 32
But What If 34
Lesson 2: Respectful Listening 35
Lesson 3: Follow the Signal 37
Effective Signal Behaviors 39
Effective Management Behaviors 40
One More Lesson: Transitions 44
Math Baseball 46
Lesson 4: The Transition Lesson 47
Summary of Starting Over Day 50
Mutual Respect, Continued 51
Part II: Troubleshooting 57
Behavior Lessons for Every Part of School Life 58
Troubleshooting Problem Behaviors 58
Troubleshooting Worksheet 59
Teaching Behavior Lessons for Beyond the Classroom 60
Library Lesson 61
Reducing Wasted Time at the Beginning of Class 62
Direction Giving 63
The Noise Wheel 65
Tattling 69
Avoiding Overuse of the Office 71
Consequences 73
Rewards 77
Non-contingent Reinforcement 82
Protecting Self Esteem 84
Boredom Busters 88
Three Kinds of Responses 89
Lesson 5: Three Kinds of Responses 93
Cooperative Learning 93
Individual Strategies for Challenging Students 96
Supportive Strategies for ADD/ADHD Students 107
In Conclusion 122
Appendix 123
Bibliography 129

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